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What Can a Spiritual Medium Really Do?

I just finished writing a testimonial for a book that an acquaintance of mine wrote. This lovely lady lost her husband awhile back and her book outlines her journey through the grief with the help of various Spiritual Mediums. Her account of how they were able to help her brought to mind that the role of a Spiritual Medium is still largely unknown in the general population. As a Spiritual Medium myself, I believe what we can do is hugely beneficial to so many people that the message of our gifts needs to get out more.

So - what does a Spiritual Medium do you ask? It’s pretty special. When someone dies, although they leave their physical body and this world, they are not really gone. They are still here in Spirit form and a Medium has the ability to connect with them. We use our gifts to receive messages that we share with our clients. Mediums receive messages using their clairs: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance and Clairsentience to name a few. Clair whaaattttt?

Clairvoyance is the ability to see – pictures, movies or film clips, etc. and then we describe what we are being shown. I’ve seen film clips of events or pictures of houses; once even a ferris wheel that had significant meaning to the lady I was reading for. Sometimes I can see Spirit themselves and can describe what they look like. It’s interesting how they portray themselves; usually what they looked like when they felt particularly good about themselves and not necessarily at the age they were when they passed. I learned that the hard way when I was describing someone’s father and she kept saying that no, he didn’t look like that at all because she was thinking about him at the end. He said to me that he now looks like he did in his 40s because he likes himself that way!

Clairaudience is the ability to hear. That was the first clair that developed for me. I can hear Spirit talking to me and then relay what is being said. I can ask questions and they respond. They don’t always answer the questions though; they seem to want to give the most important information and messages that will benefit the client most at that time in their lives. And so far in my experience, they don’t want to talk about what’s in their will and who is going to get their prized bubblegum machine collection so don’t even go there.

Claircognizance is just a knowing and it’s hard to explain. We just know things – that was the hardest one for me to grasp and the last of my gifts to really develop. Usually when I’m asked a question, I just know the answer to give that’s right at that moment for my client to hear. Sounds simple enough, huh?

And at last, Clairsentience is feeling. We feel things. Usually when a Spirit is telling me how they passed, I feel it in my body as they would have. It’s not always pleasant. I can feel nervous or shy or bubbly and boisterous if those were traits that the Spirit had in life. I can feel happy or sad depending on the relationship they had with my client.

So why would you see a Spiritual Medium? Well, I think there’s different reasons. If someone has crossed over and you had unfinished business or had an argument that was never resolved, maybe you want to clear the air. If there was something that you wanted to say, even goodbye, and you didn’t get the chance, a Medium can help with that. Sometimes it’s just knowing that they are there in Spirit, watching over you and that you can talk to them any watching over you and that you can talk to them any time you want to.

Anyway, why not give a Spiritual Medium a try? What do you have to lose or what would you have to gain? Closure and peace of mind are two things that come to me. How good is that?

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