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Mediumship Workshops


Contact:  416.570.6159 

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Introduction to Mediumship - Wednesday, June 12, 2019      – 7 – 9 pm - $50

Always wanted to learn about how to connect with Spirit?  We get signs and symbols from the other side all the time.  Do you know what the signs are and know how to recognize them?  Are you curious about how to connect with those who have crossed over to the other side?  Do you wonder if you have a gift you’ve not explored?  Do you have strange experiences, see things, hear things or just feel differently and wonder why?  Let’s explore what mediumship is, what the signs are and how to recognize if it’s them or you!

Mediumship Development 101 – Finding the Medium Within You!  Saturday, TBD 

– 10 am – 4 pm    $150

Everyone can learn to communicate with Spirit – yes even you!  In this amazing workshop we will explore techniques and experiences to help you hone your gifts and open to the world of Spirit in a safe, fun, fulfilling and positive way.  We will learn:

  • What are your mediumship gifts and how to develop them

  • How to protect yourself and others when you do any type of Spiritual work

  • How messages are received and interpreted

  • How to deliver messages from Spirit to others

  • What are the different types of mediumship out there – evidential, trance and physical 


We will be working together in groups to give and receive messages for each other in a supportive, collaborative environment.  Come and join me on an exciting journey!


Please join us in Oakville on Meetup.Com or email me at to confirm your attendance.  

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