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Spirit Talks

Preparing for a Reading

When you come for your reading, you may not know what to expect.  You might think it will be just like you've seen on TV but it usually is not.  It's important to understand how this will really work so you can have reasonable expectations and  a great reading.  These are some important points:

1.  A reading is not like calling someone on the telephone.  The person you most want to connect with will most likely come through, but sometimes they don't.  The Spirit of your loved one is always there watching over you but there may be other Spirits who want to speak with you and their messages may be the important ones for you at this time. Rest assured that when the time is right, the Spirit you most want to connect with will be there for you.    

2. Mediums receive messages in different ways.  Spirit will convey their messages to the Medium through symbols, words, images, impressions or feelings.  It is the Medium's job to give you what they get.  The more you are open to hearing what is being said and providing feedback, the more the Medium can fine tune their connection to Spirit.  Even if you cannot understand or confirm in the moment, it's best to stay open to what you are receiving.  Clarity has sometimes been known to come after the reading. 

3. They should know exactly what I'm waiting to hear.  While you might think that the Medium should be able to tell you the colour of your loved one's eyes or the name of your first pet, that isn't the way it works.  Spirit will share what they feel is most important and the best for you to hear at the time.  It might just be to let you know they are there, they may want to acknowledge those who are still alive or they just want to say hello and reassure you that they are just fine where they are.  It's best to be open and listen to what comes through but if you have questions, definitely ask!  They may have a lot to say or maybe just a little but all questions are definitely worthwhile asking!

4. Before the reading, ask those you want to communicate with to come!  Sounds simple, huh?  Talk to them.  Tell them you're coming for a reading.  Invite them along.  They are always around you.  You can talk to them in your mind or out loud ... whatever works for you.  And ask them to come through quickly, clearly, easily and accurately!  It really does help!


 5.  Spirits of people you did not know well or have never met may come.You belong to a large group of souls - immediate family, far off relatives, great grandparents who may have passed before you were born.  Just becuase you weren't close to them or have never met them doesn't mean they don't watch over you or guide you.  You may not be able to confirm things about them but you still might want to listen to the messages they bring - even if you didn't like them when they were alive.  Having said that though, if you truly do not want to talk to someone who had a negative effect in your life, you don't have to.  Just be up front with the Medium and they will thank the Spirit and have them move on.

6. Can a Medium predict the future?  NO!  We can tell you what we see in the present moment but you have free will and can change your future depending on what you do today.  So we can't tell you the winning lottery numbers or what you're going to be doing tomorrow.  We can't know the future - That's why life is an adventure!

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