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Spirit Talks

Meditation Mondays 


Contact:  416.570.6159 

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My Meditation Practice

My Spiritual journey started with a meditation class.  Learning to meditate opened up the floodgates and brought my gifts back to me.  Today, I meditate daily and find that if I miss a morning, my whole day just isn't as smooth as it should be.  Whether your desire is to explore your Spiritual awareness, learn to relax and let go or just to unplug from your hectic schedule for a little while each day, meditation is sure to help.  Group meditation is very powerful and the benefits immense.  Come and learn the basics and see where Meditation takes you! 

Meditation Mondays

Meditating in a group is very powerful.  There is something about getting together with other like minded people and sharing the same space and time for meditation.  Some people have reported that they go much deeper and feel much more calm and relaxed after meditating with others.  Come and join me on Monday evenings from 7 - 9 pm.  We'll discuss your successes and challenges with meditating on your own and experiment with different types of private and guided meditations as a group.  I can promise fun for all! 


Please join Meditation Monday in Oakville on Meetup.Com or email me at to confirm your attendance for each Monday.  There is no set fee for the class;  it's through Donation so it's up to you.  

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