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Meditation - What Should I Expect? I Think I'm Doing It Wrong!

What should I expect? I think I'm doing it wrong. Those are the first 2 things that people have said to me when they ask about meditation. They are also the 2 questions that are the easiest to answer! First of all, you shouldn't expect anything. That's the best way to start a meditation practice. If you just try meditating at the same time and same place every day, just see what happens. It will be a surprise!

I meditate every morning at 6:30 am for 20 minutes. I sit in the same place every day. My body knows when I enter that room exactly what to do and by the time I actually sit down, I am already relaxed and ready to go. Every day is a unique and wonderful experience. Some days I can easily get to that zen state; other days, my brain doesn't stop thinking about my to do list, my family, what's going on in my life. That's ok. I just try my best to focus on my breathing and when the 20 minutes is over, even though I didn't get to where I wanted, I am still relaxed and ready for the day. I can tackle that to do list with less stress than if I didn't meditate and if I don't meditate in the morning, then my whole day just seems to be off somehow.

As for doing it right, well that's the good news! There is no right and no wrong. It is what it is. It's never perfect. It's a practice. Well, maybe if you have time to meditate for 10 hours a day, you may get to the state of "perfect". But for me and most people, we don't have that time so meditation is a "practice" ... and we just keep on keeping on, without expectation, and reap the benefits that will be different and unique for each person. How exciting is that?

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