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Inspired Speaking

When I went to Arthur Findlay College in April 2017 for the Walk in the Power of Spirit class, one of the thing that I really wanted to try was inspired speaking. I had read about it in a book and wondered if I could do it. Well, what is it you ask? It's giving a talk in front of a group of people without knowing what the subject is in advance. Just opening your mouth and trusting that you will be inspired to speak ... with help from your Guides and Spirit Team of course! For those of you who know me, you're probably thinking that this would be a cinch for me but in all honesty, I can talk without any problem if I know my subject and I've had time to prepare. Not knowing the subject and having to talk for even 5 minutes was very, very scary for me! Believe it or not!

So ... when asked for a volunteer for a 3 minute talk, my hand immediately flew up like it wasn't even attached to my body. I got up on stage and the instructor said I had to do a 5 minute talk. I said "Whoa, wait a minute! The last person did 3 minutes and now I have to do 5?" The answer was yes of course! Just then he walked out of the room! So I'm standing on stage, not knowing what to do so I said to the audience (50 people by the way), "Well, what would you like me to talk about?" There was silence .. and then someone shouted "Love!"

You would not believe what happened. I took a deep breath and immediately felt surrounded by the most intense buzzing bubble ... and I opened my mouth and started to talk. I told them I was going to talk about Love. The audience was so attentive. They smiled and laughed as the words poured out of me. Sometimes I opened my mouth after a breath and had absolutely no idea what was coming next. I talked and talked and talked. I had said at the beginning that I was going to talk about Love and then at the end I brought it around full circle and told them that I had talked about love. The audience burst into applause. To this day I don't know what I said but the instructor said that he could listen to me talk for hours. He also said that there was absolutely nothing that he could comment on - no critique, no improvements, no nothing. It was one of the proudest moments of my life ... and I know that the bubble I felt surrounding me was my Spirit Team taking the reins and helping me deliver an amazing talk.

What an experience that I will never forget!

Stay tuned for new classes and services - I'll be adding to the catalog in the next few days!

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