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Healing Right Before My Eyes!

Do you know what I like best about doing Mediumship readings for my clients? Watching the instantaneous healing happen right before my eyes. It's absolutely amazing! I've had clients come into my reading room deflated, shoulders and head down, looking beaten and by the end of the reading the physical different is simply astounding. Their head is up, shoulders back; they look like new people. Today, I saw the tension lift from my client's shoulders - almost as if by magic!

Is it magic? No. But receiving a healing message from our deceased loved ones is a life changing experience. Did you not get the chance to say goodbye to someone who crossed over? Are there unanswered questions that if you just knew the answers, things could be different? Was there something that you wished you'd said? Did you do all you could? Did they hear you at the end? Whatever the question is, when it's answered it's like a fog clears and you have a new perspective on life. It's wonderful! I am so grateful to be able to help people by connecting them with their family and friends.

Curious? Think a reading may help you? What have you got to lose? Contact me at and let the healing begin!

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