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Back to Nature - It's Good for the Soul!

Last week during our Meditation Monday class, we got to talking about nature. If I’m feeling out of sorts at any time, I find that if I go for a walk, and specifically put my bare feet in the grass, I get grounded much faster than any other way. As I was driving to the cottage this weekend, feeling stressed about work and traffic, I passed 2 full fields of the most beautiful sunflowers – just like in the pictures you see from Italy - and I instantly felt uplifted. I slowed down and wasn’t in as much of a hurry anymore. That’s nature for you!

Have you ever stopped and smelled the roses? I mean that both figuratively and in reality! Any time I see a rose, I stop to have a sniff. Sometimes there’s no scent; other times I am amazed at the lovely assault on my senses from the beautiful fragrance. I instantly smile and relax. What about actually looking at a flower blossom? Have you ever really look at the construction of a gorgeous flower? How the petals overlap or the stamens stand straight up? Something as simple as a flower can center me and make me realize that whatever is happening in my life, we are surrounded by the simple beauty in nature.

I was walking on the path this morning behind my cottage and looked down to see a teeny, tiny little toad - no bigger than the size of a penny (remember those?) hopping along in front of me. I stopped and watched for a little while until he hopped off the path and into the bush. How can something so miniscule be so perfect? Again another reminder for me to pause and reflect.

What about nature and meditation? One of the ladies was talking about a profound experience she had while sitting by the shore and meditating. Her visions were crystal clear and incredibly profound. I have a spot here that I like to go to for meditation when the weather permits. The picture here is of a little chipmunk who was waiting for me one morning. So very cute! The lapping of the water on the shore is as mesmerizing as any meditation music and I find that clearing my mind is much quicker and easier if I just relax into it.

How about next time you’re feeling wound up and out of sorts that you give nature a try? Take off your shoes, walk in the grass and let our Mother Earth ground you and bring you back to yourself. Try it … you’ll be amazed!

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