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Nature - The Great Changer

Can you believe the weather these last few days? For Ontario in January, this is unbelievable. I went out yesterday with just a shawl … it was 8 C! Amazing. Today I went out again for lunch with some special friends – and wore my shawl again. It was 7 C. I spent a bit of time outside and you know what, I felt better. Better than I have in a long time. I opened my car window on the drive home and let the air circulate around me. Did I mention the sun? It was so bright and warm. The feeling on my skin made me smile.

It’s interesting how a little warm weather can change your mood. I was lucky enough to spend a few days in Miami and then Santa Monica and that was nice but it didn’t feel as good as a few days of warmth here. Everything looks different when we get some nice days in the midst of winter. The last couple of days reminded me of something I read recently:

“As you sit on the hillside, or lie prone under the trees of the forest, or sprawl wet legged by a mountain stream, the great door that does not look like a door, opens.”

- Stephen Graham

Although I did not spend a great deal of time outside, it was invigorating. The wind and fresh air blew the cobwebs from my brain and the sunshine lifted my mood. All things somehow seemed possible; at least more possible than before. It was such a good reminder that today is just a day and tomorrow things can be and will be different. Maybe it was a sunny reminder that this too shall pass. Whatever it was, I am thankful.

What about you? Have you realized how transformative a little sunshine, a little warm weather – but most importantly a little mother nature can be? The next time the sun is shining, get outside. Just for a minute. Breathe deep. Smile. Say thanks. And let the door open … let it be …

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