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I AM ...

Ever hear something and have it stuck in your head? Sometimes that's annoying but sometimes it's very, very good. I listened to Joel Osteen on Super Soul Sunday talk about the power of I AM and I can't stop thinking about it!

Joel's talk was all about how we talk to ourselves. Do you even hear what that little voice in your head says to you over and over again? Most of us don't talk to ourselves very nicely. We would never say the things we say to ourselves to a friend - or even to a stranger. So why do we continue to talk down to ourselves and beat ourselves up?

Joel's message is that anything that follows I AM will find you. I took a day and noted all the times that I said I AM and what the messages were. Here's just some of what I said to myself:

I AM so tired.

I AM not feeling well today.

I AM fat.

I AM so far behind on all the things I need to do, I'll never get everything done.

I AM going to be late.

I AM working so hard but never recognized, never getting anywhere.

I AM not worthy of recognition.

And that was just what I can remember as I type this. Clearly, I AM not very supportive or nice to myself! What do you think would happen if I changed these to:

I AM energized!

I AM feeling fine!

I AM beautiful. My body serves me well.

I AM getting everything done in perfect timing.

I AM going to arrive five minutes early.

I AM doing my best and making real contributions.

I AM worthy! I AM great! I am AMAZING!

Wow - what a difference! Even as I type these, I feel my mood lifting and endless possibilities opening before me.

Why don't you try the exercise and see what things you're saying to yourself that you probably don't even know? How about making a promise with me that we start to talk to ourselves as we would talk to our best friends? I know I AM and it feels so much better!

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