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Hello!?! Can you say hello?

Can you say "Hello"? Or "Good Morning!"? Is that word or that phrase in your vocabulary? How young do we teach our children to say hello? Two? Three? And at what point do we forget how to do it or that maybe we should?

OK you say. She's lost her marbles. She's flipped her lid! What's she on about now? Let me tell you and I apologize in advance for the rant! I just simply do not understand how people can walk right by you on the same sidewalk or in the same hallway and not acknowledge your presence. I mean, we're within 2 feet of each other. What is the challenge with looking at someone in the eyes - we all have them! - and saying "Hello". Or better yet, "Good Morning" or "Good Afternoon". And what might happen if you smiled while you were at it? Think about it.

I'm not looking for a conversation. I'm not going to interfere with your thoughts. I'm not going to slow down your rush to get where you're going. I'm not going to do anything more than show that I've seen you, say hi and keep moving. After all, I'm on my way somewhere too. But I am going to take the two seconds to look at your face, smile and say "Hi". What can it hurt? What does it cost me? Nothing. What do I get from it? A great sense of satisfaction actually.

OK so what set me off this time you ask. I was out walking this morning with my dog, Ruby, and we were coming face to face with a man and his dog. Ruby of course pays attention. The man tried to avoid my gaze at all costs, even though our dogs were greeting each other. I said "Hello" - I think he grunted. We went off our separate ways - which by the way was rounding the same block in opposite directions. As he approached me for the second time, he actually moved to the other side of the street. When he got past me, he crossed back to my side. What is that all about??? I may have said "Have a good day" when he passed, but with his crossing the street, he didn't get my wish for a nice day.

When I take Ruby for her walks every morning, the students on their way to school often pass us. I've taken to saying "Hello" to each and every one. Most are shocked but they do respond. There's even one beautiful, young Asian girl with big round glasses who now, after a few greetings, actually starts smiling when she sees us coming down the street. She says hello with the biggest smile before I even have a chance. Her smile really makes my day!

Think about this. How do you know that the person you are approaching isn't totally alone and hasn't spoken to a single person in 3 days? How do you know that saying "Hello" might be the nicest thing that's been said to someone in a week? How do you know that a simple "Good Morning" might be the brightest thing in someone's life that day and help them to turn a corner? Does it matter what the affect your "Good Morning" or "Hello" has on someone? No - because you'll probably never know the impact you were able to make. Should you make the effort just in case you're the one person who brought a spark back to life in someone who really needed it? YES!!!!! It doesn't cost you a single thing to have a huge impact on someone else.

What do you think would happen in this world if we all just smiled from our heart and said "Hello"? Try it. See how good it feels. And then just know that your kindness and good deed will come back to you a hundredfold. That's just what happens.

I challenge you to try it. Today. I'd love to hear how it makes you feel.

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