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Bridging the Gap Interview ... Read Now!!!

Hello everyone! It's been awhile! So many interesting and mind boggling things have been happening lately and I think it's time that the blog starts again to share them with you!

Most recently, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by MysticMag - an online magazine that talks about all things Spiritual. I sat down to have a lively chat with Sarah Kirton from Cape Town, South Africa. Small world huh? Sara is a keen and passionate advocate of the spiritual and healing components within the mystical realm of the world we live in. It was a great talk. I hope you'll grab a cup of something and take a break to read the interview.

You can find it here:

or on the Interviews tab here on my website at

I'd love to hear what you think. Email me at or leave a comment below!

Stay tuned for more from Spirit-Talks in the new future!

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