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Do you have friends and loved ones who have crossed over to the other side?  Do you wish you'd had the chance to say goodbye?  Or the time for one last conversation?  Do you have unanswered questions?  Are you seeking closure? Your loved ones are closer than you think and it is possible to connect with those who have left us.  A Spiritual Mediumship Reading may help to bring the clarity and healing that you are seeking.

Spirit-Talks also offers classes in Meditation, Reiki and Spiritual Development as well as Reiki treatments and House Clearing Services.


Contact   416.570.6159 

Spirit Talks

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What People Say

Channeled Reading: 

Sally's channeling was so clarifying.  She really nailed it. It made me feel lighter, it really was therapeutic. It was what I was needing to hear.

Thank you so much to you and your guides, Sally.

— Tony, 2024

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